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Kotatsu Futon Set

This is a new ikehiko fluffy Futon 190 cm, it is 190 cm and is fabricated of 100% wool. It is a mat to sleep on and a Set for an 70-80 cm table.

Cheap Kotatsu Futon Set

This product is a Futon set, it is fabricated of 100% waterproof Futon material, and gives a fluffy, water-repellingsettlement. It is about 120 cm in size, and is waterproof finish with a soft, fluffy foil, this ikehiko Futon square comforter Set is an enticing surrogate to get some sleep. The Set includes a Futon bed and a Futon Set with a comforter, the comforter is washable and there is an exceptional amount of space between the Futon bed and the comforter. The Set is in like manner made of durable materials that will never allow you to be made to feel uncomfortable, the Futon Set is a first rate alternative to have a comfortable place to sleep and will do the trick for if you have a twin or more. It imparts a soft, fluffy feel to it and is fabricated of durable materials, the Futon is fabricated of durable materials and is a top surrogate to reduce your stress. The Set comes with an outlet, which is an enticing feature, this ikehiko Futon Set is a peerless surrogate for suitors who wish to enjoy a good book while watching tv. The Set comes with a petite 190 cm mat and a small 190 cm Set for 70-80 x70-80 cm, the Set is an exceptional width for individuals who are able to sleep in applauded or at a snica-fit. There is again a small of 70-80 x70-80 cm that is top-grade for admirers who covet to sleep in the morning, this ikehiko Futon Set is a valuable substitute for a person who wants to relax and buckshot while watching tv.